A bit brisk but the sun was out, and someones mom brought doughnuts! Dominic Windey Debut’s with some lines and Arrow Bupp with a boneless session on dis igh he for the books. Killed some time with Skinner, Nate even showed us a thing or two, and B Paul takes the ender this session with the double cork. Oh yeah, and John Rodosky showed up for the weekend!


Craig took me to the marina down the street from his house near the Ballard Bridge in Seattle, it was his B-day and we filmed this piece on one 100 foot roll of 16mm film with a Bolex H-16.
This is Ben Hackett painting the mast of his sail boat.
When Craig and I arrived it took only a minute to be captivated by Ben and his friend who were working on their small beautiful boat. I was on a mission that day to find a simple story and document it with one roll of film. We only spent about 20 minutes making this film but I was reminded somehow of the beauty that is present when people are taking care of what they love.

We got to shred with Cam FitzPatrick and the Jackson Hole Park and Pipe Crew during the grand opening of their new park this last weekend, AND IT WAS EPIC!

Riders: Cam FitzPatrick and Wade Dunstan
Shot and Edited by: David Cleeland and Wade Dunstan
Produced by: Rich Goodwin
Music by: Dustin Varga poortreestudios.com

Special Thanks to the Jackson Hole Park and Pipe Crew!

                                           Produced by Evan Mcleod and David Cleeland

This video is aimed to depict our one week crash course adventure of learning how people utilize public spaces in Brooklyn, and specifically sought to interview and engage with real people that are involved with the urban gardening movement that is currently taking place there. We looked at this project as experience for our selves and attempted to translate that into an essayistic documentary for the public.

One of last nights ROCKtivities! My friend Nicks band who’s last name, and Band name, I don’t know. For now I’ll call them Death Projection. Help me out here people

Olympia, WA